The Heartwizard City Setting is designed for people who play roleplaying games. Each book includes extensive details on city locations that players are likely to visit. 

I created the Heartwizard City Setting because I felt that existing city settings were too complicated. They typically are loaded with lore, and even after you read the whole book, it’s not clear what to do next. That may be your jam, but it’s not mine, so I created this series of books to make it easy to make cities come alive.

Each neighborhood is designed around a theme (such as a university or a theater) and contains six city locations aligned to that theme. These locations are ready to drop into your adventure--they come with floorplans, dynamic characters, descriptions and one-page dungeon ideas. The locations are all set in a magical, quasi-medieval city. They're system-agnostic and can run with any system. 

It's time to visit the city. Thanks for playing and enjoy your game!